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Wish you happy International Day of Happiness

The pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal. Happy International happiness day to all of you.

Save forest save environment. It’s time to take action.

Every year 21 March is International Forest day event, observes designated day. But I believe it will better if UN set this week as International Forest week instead of day. A single day is not enough to set campaign to save forest.

World Consumer Rights Day

On March 15, 1962 US President John F. Kennedy gave a speech on consumer rights which led to the creation of the Consumer Bill of Rights. Consumer rights activist Anwar Fazal later proposed the observance of a “World Consumer Rights Day” marking that date, and on 15 March 1983 consumer organizations began observing that date […]

Global Warning alert from earth, nature. It’s time to listen – and take action.

Rain in a summer season. Is it signal of changing monsoon system in India? The sudden change in weather conditions in India impact on Indian economy and health of Indians. The earth is saying something with record heat, drought, storms and fire. Scientists are telling us this is what global warming looks like. It’s time […]

“Hindu Community” Google calender created

Unfortunately there is no “Hindu Community” Google calender. There are few Hindu calender but none of them are acceptable by all Hindu community. Hindu community is wide and diversified. Hindu speak several languages, divided into several Indian states and various locations of the world; Hindu has several various festivals. To cover all of these Hindu […]

World Day Against Cyber Censorship

World Day Against Cyber Censorship is an online event held each year on 12 March to rally support for a single Internet without restrictions and accessible to all and to draw attention to the ways that governments around the world are deterring and censoring free speech online. For Indians this 12 March is very important […]

Happy RangPanchami

RangPanchami the festival of colours. Wish you happy RangPanchami. Use natural and safe colours.

Comparison of WordPress social networking plugins

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