Seven Billion Dreams. One Planet. Consume with Care

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Planet Earth

Planet Earth

On our beautiful planet Earth our population cross 7 billions. What a super species we are. We lead entire living creatures on earth and so we are responsible for the future of entire planet.

We dream for better life and to achieve our dream we consume more and more resources of our planet. But be aware. Our population grow too fast, we consume our resources too fast, we consume more than necessary. Our speed of resource consumption are faster than natural cycle of our planets ecosystem and atmosphere. We forget that many of our resources are not reproducible like crud oil. We consume some resources more than their reproduction cycle like water and our green forest.

In our solar system and entire galaxy we have beautiful planet with all required resources of living creatures and human have active control on all ecosystem of our planet. Every human on our planet have dream of peaceful leaving. To achieve this Seven Billion Dreams we should smarten up in consumption of our resources. If we don’t smarten up in consumption, we may endue natural cycle of ecosystem and resources we need to be a part of natural cycle instead of natural cycle destroyer. We also need to understand some of our natural resources are not reproducible and they will be finish very soon in early future. So be careful. To achieve seven billion dreams of peaceful and better life we should consume resources of our planet with care.

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