Polytechnic 5th semester Seminar Topic – Drupal

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Why I choose Drupal

Today’s techsavvy world we know lot of hi-tech technologies. Evolution of new technology is ongoing. I don’t want to be superfluous while selecting seminar topic. While selecting topic my intention is to select topic which I can learn, I can use and implement.


Internet is trending now and also affordable and convenience for every one. 4G revolution arrive in India also.  So to tap the power of Internet most of services goes on the web world. For computer professionals, developers Drupal provide most powerful solution with rock solid foundation of security.


To create web app,  from simple static website to complicated eCommerce web app Drupal become first choice because of it’s modular structure, high security enhancement, support from vibrant community and thousands of features. Drupal is very flexible and we can extend it at any direction.

Here I will try to explore the power of Drupal and it’s feature as well as structure of Drupal.

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