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Installing Android os and WhatsApp on your PC

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Android and WhatsApp

Android and WhatsApp on PC

There are several instance in which you need to use another version of “WhatsApp”. Your phone crash accidentally or you gave your phone to your son or daughter. May be you want to install whatsApp for another phone number. In such instance you may want to install Android OS and ‘WahtsApp’ on your Desktop or laptop.

Here are few easy steps to install Androis os and WhatsApp on your Windows PC(desktop or laptop).

  • First install VertualBox. Here are links to install VertualBox -> install on windows
  • After installation of vertualBox. Open vertualBox and create linux machine with following few steps.
    • Hite new button
    • Give any name to machin then select Type as Linux and then Select version as ‘Other Linux(32bit)’
    • Hit Next button untial you reach ‘Crate’ button and last hit ‘Create’ button.
  • Download android for windows.
  • Into your VertualBox select newly created machine and hit ‘Setting’
  • Select ‘Storage’ option(button) and hit ‘Add Optical Drive’ button in right side panel. Hit ‘Choose disk’ button and select file you downloaded in early step. (“Download android for windows”)
  • Last step select created machine into VertualBox and hit start button. … taaaaaaaaaaa daaa you done it your Andoid phone is on your windows PC(desktop or laptop)
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